Ways to Make your Bike Faster

At Bikes and Cycles we have created an easy little list of tips which will help you keep your speed consistent from your bikes point of view. These tips in particular were chosen due to the their easy nature. WE’d like to thank our cycling experts for supplying us with these tips. So without further wait, Here is 4 easy and fast ways to get your bikes performance at it’s capacity!

Regularly oil your chain

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Much like keeping your car engine in good condition, if you are looking for a stable and unproblematic cycle, you must keep your chain in a good condition. The chain is the most important part of your bicycle, as it’s the part which channels your pedaling into acceleration, so it’s very important to up-keep maintenance of the component. This is an easy process, as making sure that the chain is clean and lubricated is enough to having the chain in a great working condition.

Remember, never wash the chain, if you are looking to clean excess dirt from the chain, apply a wet cloth (with no soap) to the chain and lightly scrub until the dirt is removed. Whilst also applying fresh oil and using your hand to rotate the chain by working the pedals.


Adjust your brake pads

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You might not even notice it, but we often get cyclists baffled at trying to discover the reason they are losing speed. One thing which goes under the radar is the position of the break-pads. In a lot of cases, when a bike is being manufactured, the break-pads will cautiously be applied too close to the tyre in an attempt to create a safer cycling experience of the user. Although, this isn’t exactly appropriate for an experienced cyclist who is comfortable in their ability. If you are looking for more speed, it’s highly recommended that you make sure that your break-pads are in a good position and not rubbing against your tyres and breaking speed. This can be done with an allan key


Replace your pneumatic components

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Due to the pneumatic components in bikes being so fine and articulated, it’s important that we look after them with the best equipment if you want the best results with your speed.  Buying equipment such as pneumatic cylinders which are perfect for increasing the air pressure levels within your tyres so that you have the best optimised levels for increasing your speed.

The great thing about pneumatic cylinder is that you can use it to improve your acceleration in many different ways. These cylinders are immense for injecting compressed air into the insides of the frame, which will get rid of any exceed dirt and dust, keeping your bike clean inside and out. You can get pneumatic cylinders from airline pneumatics in many sizes on their website, which makes them perfect for a miniature handheld bike tool.


Keep your bike clean

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Making sure that you wipe down your bike with the right chemicals is very important to not only the appearance of the bike but the performance. The build-up of dust or dirt can over time, inject problems to the more articulate components of the bike.  At least once a month it’s recommended that you take the frame out from the wheels and give this a wash with suggested bike cleaning products to make sure that the condition of your bike is always tip-top.


What do you think?

We would like to hear if you have any tips which are as easy as these 4, comment below if so.

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